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Illusionist painting
Colour washing, sponging and ragging
Mural painting
Stone wall effect
Travertine effect
Easel painting
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Mural painting is one of the oldest forms of interior decoration. The art of deceiving the eye, in other words "trompe l'oeil" from French, originates from ancient Greece and Rome. However, it achieved its full flowering during the Baroque period.

Illusionist painting does not know any boundaries or limits. It can spring into existence everywhere you wish. It all depends on your imagination, your needs, your dreams and the surface you have at your disposal. On monochrome walls, we produce a realistic universe in order to create a sense of space and bring colour into your dwelling.

In our works, we explore different mural techniques such as sgraffito and fresco but we also have recourse to some special effects like: colour washing, sponging, ragging, stone wall effect and gilding.

You can find our works in private houses, hotels and big commercial centres.

We use traditional organic and mineral techniques as well as the latests technologies to obtain special effects (pastes, pigments, glues, paints, waxes).